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The Pulse is Wharton's student-run healthcare journal. For 13 years, this annual publication has been distributed to attendees of the annually sold-out Wharton's Health Care Business ConferenceThe Pulse Blog is our online version, which includes exclusive online interviews and multimedia publications. 

The goal of The Pulse is to inform the healthcare business community of notable developments across the industry and engage opinion leaders in a thought-provoking dialogue that is of value to our readers.

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2018 Wharton Health Care Business Conference

Since 1995, the Wharton Health Care Club has hosted the annual Wharton Health Care Business Conference, bringing together over 500 industry leaders, Wharton Health Care Management alumni, faculty members, and MBA students. Our conference offers unparalleled access to distinguished speakers and networking opportunities with professionals across the healthcare industry.

The 24th Annual Wharton Health Care Business Conference's theme is "Dr. Patient: Adapting to Consumer-Driven Care," and it will take place on February 22 - 23, 2018 in Philadelphia. While industry discourse has focused on patient-centered care in recent years, the notion of the patient as an active decision-maker is gaining traction. Key market forces—digital health, the Internet of Things, value-based care, and health care reform—are converging to drive the consumerization of health care. Companies that successfully build consumer-focused products and brands will win big in coming years. But, this poses significant questions. Are patients ready and what matters most to them? How do you embrace the values of customer service, convenience, and transparency without sacrificing the quality of care?

This year’s conference will focus on how companies are thinking about consumerism in the context of health care and how they are adapting their business models to succeed in a consumer-driven world.

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!


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